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is a trained clinical herbalist from Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism where she is currently working on her clinical education. She apprentices at the 24 year old medicinal herb shop in the East Village of NYC, Flower Power Herbs and Roots focusing on the Six Steps of Healing of the Wise Woman Tradition. There she is able to empower and guide numerous people in her community to a healthier lifestyle that focuses on wellness from the inside out. Arielle has a private consult practice, and teaches weekly workshops at wellness haven, The Alchemist's Kitchen. Her education in natural plant medicine weaves the methodologies of Chinese medicineAyurvedaNative American folkEuropean herbalism, and The Wise Woman tradition (the oldest tradition of healing on our planet) to nourish the mindbody and soul of her clientele. Arielle's specialty lies in protocols for helping the body adapt to stress, healing mental wounds caused by the affects of tension and anxiety. She also sees clients with issues related to gut/ digestion, adrenals and hormones. Through their work together, Arielle's clients rediscover their inner peace, and experience profound emotional and physical transformation.




"The road to good health is paved with good intestines." -via Claudia Keel